Monday, January 5, 2009

basket weave hat

basket weave hat
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Pattern: Brother-in-Law basket weave hat. Found it on Ravelry.

Yarn: Berroco Pure Merino Nuance. Super wonderfully soft and easy to work with. LOVE it.

He's worn it a couple times now. Seems to like it. Its a little looser than the angora hat and if I was to make it over again I would either go down a needle size (no gauge was given in the pattern) or I would start decreasing a few rows earlier.

All in all I was very happy with this one. :-)


shelley said...

patterns with no gauge SUCK!

shelley said...

forgot to say that I really like the coloring of the basket weave hat's yarn. I'll have to look for that yarn

Vivian said...

Can you help explain how you decreased the stitches for the basket weave? I don't understand what kody meant by "working the stitches" and then k2tog. Like she says work 8 stitches then k2tog, does that mean purl 5 then knit 3 and then k2tog? I'm quite confused and would really appreciate the help!