Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pony Tail Hat

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As a gift to myself I began this awesome pony tail hat the day after christmas. I had been waiting a while to find the perfect pattern for the yarn that Shelley brought me back from Alaska what feels like a hundred years ago but was really less than 2. I was amazed how quickly this hat went and if I hadn't ripped back because I failed to pay attention to the instructions, I would have finished it that night. But instead I finished it the next morning and then just happened to have some buttons laying around that looked great with the yarn so I even made myself sit down and do the finishing work right then. (Go me! I am terrible about putting off finishing work) I've worn it many times already and I LOVE it. And I think I have enough yarn left over for a calorimetry, so I am planning to make myself one of those also. I think my sister wears the one I gave her. I got a hat book for christmas and she earmarked more than half a dozen hats she'd like. We'll see when I might get around to one or two. I want to make some things for myself first.

Speaking of things for myself, my bohemian tunic in knitpicks Andean Treasure is done! Thats right, done! Its currently pinned to the mattress in the spare room, but it should be completely dry by now. Its super cold this week, so I am not sure an off the shoulder sweater is going to be possible, but I might try it anyway and just wear a big coat. Its hard to resist a new sweater! Pictures soon!

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shelley said...

Nice! I'd forgotten the yarn. Does dementia make everything seem new and exciting?
What hat book did you get?