Friday, January 9, 2009

felted slippers

felted slippers
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Still on the christmas stuff, maybe by the end of January I'll have it all blogged. So these are the felted slippers i made for Heather's boyfriend Justin, since he was so envious of the crochet knee high sock boots I made Heather years ago. Luckily, Justin and Ben have approximately the same size feet so I measured Ben's foot to calculate the size I would have to knit and then kept making him try them on as I felted them. I used SWS on the top to add some fuzzy and some interest, but the rest of it was just Patons Classic wool. Maybe I'll make myself a pair of these sometime. That would be super quick since my foot is so much smaller. They do feel like they would be super slick on tile or other smooth flooring, so I wouldn't make them for kids who might try and run in them unless you wanted to sew soles to the bottom of them. Anyhow, I think he really liked them. I'll have to ask Heather if he's worn them. :-)

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shelley said...

how hard is it to gauge how much it will felt? I shy away from felted slippers and hats (ooh, Eva did one with only the brim felted because the cap part is in superwash)because I'm afraid they'll felt to the wrong size. Did you really have to yank on them to get them right?