Thursday, January 15, 2009

taylor's christmas

taylor's christmas
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Yep, still got some Christmas stuff to go. I made my sister 5 washcloths, 3 coasters / scrubbers and got her a bottle of fancy-ass dish soap. The colors are all to match her new dishes / kitchen stuff. Three of the washcloths have cherry designs on them. One has 1, the second has 2, the third has 3. And then there is the garter ridges in turquoise and yellow and a grandmothers favorite in all three colors. Anyway, I think she really liked them and i hope she's using them.

I'm going to wear the Bohemian Tunic today!!!!!! Some preliminary pictures are on ravelry, but the only picture of me wearing it doesn't do it (or me) justice, so I will get more pictures and post them here soon!

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shelley said...

now I have to go look on Ravelry???