Friday, January 2, 2009

Ben's Knitted Christmas

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I guess I need to pick up the pace on posting about all the Christmas stuff, before it has completely lost its relevance. I made Ben 3 hats and a scarf for Christmas, all of it while on the family ski trip. The black and white hat is angora, the blue hat and scarf are alpaca, and the grey hat is a lovely merino wool. All three were super soft and wonderful to work with. So far I have seen him wear the angora beanie the most, but he says that because its the one he happens to have out, not because it is any better than the others. We'll see if he swaps out for a different one any time soon. :-) The alpaca hat I was unsure of for a while. It was originally more of a beanie pattern and I messed with it and hated it for a while and started another blue alpaca hat to put with the scarf instead, but one I decided that the hat just needed to have a brim rather than try to be a beanie, all was better. Since the other blue alapaca hat is a super easy ribbed beanie and almost done I will either keep that for myself or give it to him as a second option.

Closer pictures of the hats and scarf coming soon. :-)

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shelley said...

do you have any trouble with the alpaca stretching out of shape and then not returning to its intended size?