Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Babies, Belated Birthdays, Ben's socks

I thought about putting Badass Socks, but really they aren't badass.  More like Chocolate Milky.  Its been lovely, working on these this week.  Row upon row of tiny little stitches.  Sometimes tiny stitches can be so much more satisfying than big ones.  Not always, but sometimes.  Anyway, the yarn is happy feet and its been a pleasure to work with so far.  I think I'd like some more colorways of this yarn.

Last week I finally tucked in the ends of a washcloth and 2 coasters or scrubbies (they can be whatever the recipient wants them to be) that I made for my friend Molly last year for her birthday.  Yep, last year.  And I had them made on time, it was just tucking in the stupid ends.  But then I didn't do it and I didn't do it and they got set on a shelf and not looked at forever, but she came over for dinner and I finally remembered to pull them out, tuck in the ends, and toss them to her.  Molly, being Molly, promptly put the washcloth on her head and called it a headwarmer.  Go figure.

My friend Heather's baby shower was this past weekend.  I made her a soaker (which I refer to as the baby butt cover)  and a washcloth for her impending little boy.  The soaker was pretty quick and easy to make and the washcloth I made at a hockey game.  The cottontots is so soft and easy to work with.  I love it for little kid and baby washcloths.  

Here is another picture of the soaker.  I used cascade paints, which knits up smooth and pretty.  And I know Heather will take care of it, she's all over the handmade stuff.  Her mom knit up a storm for the baby.  She does great color work.  I'm not so into that, so I'm pretty sure we won't ever knit 2 things exactly alike.  :-)


shelley said...

some lady was telling me you can put lanolin? on the soaker to waterproof it.
so cute!

Anonymous said...

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