Friday, March 6, 2009

Feeling Socky

I've been itching to get back to small needles. Lace or socks or something. I fifured socks was more instant gratification than lace, and I kinda wanted to work on something for Ben and I didn't really think he'd appreciate lace properly, so socks it is. I'm working on a pair of garter rib socks in a brownish colorway of Happy Feet. I actually bought it last time I was in Cali and someone, I think it might have been Shelley, said it reminded them of chocolate milk, so I am calling the Ben's Chocolate Milk Socks. Sounds more fun than "Ben's Garter Rib Socks." Anyway, the colorway has like 3 different shades of brown in it and it looks really neat up close but not overly psychotic. I love all the different varigated and hand dyed sock yarns out there, but most of them aren't very guy oriented. I mean, I could probably get him to weat crazy colors around the house, but to actually wear them out for real they need to look nice. I need to get some solid sock yarn too. If he likes the socks and actually wears them and I think he'll wear another pair i want to do one where there is a contrasting rim at the top with the same color for the heel and toe. Like brown for the top, heel, and toe and black for the leg and foot parts. I guess I'll have to get some opinions about favorite solid sock yarns. Knitpicks seems to offer a good variety. What are your favorite sock yarns that come in solid colors? And what are you reasons? Does it feel good to knit with? Does is wear well? Is the care easy? I plan to machine wash in a front loading washer on the super gentle or handwash cycle in very cold water and then lay them flat to dry. This is my overall hand knit sock maintenance program, which seems to work fairly well so far. I will consider heathered yarns and kettle dyed where the color variations are subtle also, just not self striping or varigated for this particular project. Now for me, thats a different story. I like fun and or silly yarns. I want more jitterbug....and some malabrigo sock....and more happy feet....I want....a lot of things. more time to knit would be a good start. :-)

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