Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Day

March 28, 2009
And its actually deeper now.  This was a couple hours ago.  

Tisha's Baby shower present.  Its actually the linen stitch cloth from Creative Knitting but using two variegated yarns, one pastel and one bright.  So it really ended up looking like an easter egg.  Its cottontots, so its pretty soft.  This seems to be becoming my general baby shower MO.
Sunshine cloth and Moss ribs cloth for Iris's birthday
Cloth for Grandma's Birthday.  She probably currently owns the biggest collection of my dishcloths.


shelley said...

I'm liking the washcloths- I knit 2 last week for Eric's rel. ed teacher. I like the musical notes one floating by in your pix-mayybe the music teachers NEED those.
The 2 I did were a yellow cotton chenille hanging diamonds (just k's and p's) and then the Lion Brand DC in pink Cotton Rich (mostly cotton with soem acrylic- very heavy, maybe too heavy?) SO thanx for that Lion Brand pattern!

shelley said...

I really should preview my comments, since I know how to spell 'some' and it was actually Tyler's Rel. Ed teacher (but I had Eric's music teachers on my mind.)
Maybe some (crap I spelled it wrong the first time on this, too) college ones for Jess' friends? Where did you get the OK pattern? Of course I am probably not THAT lazy that I couldn't figure it out myself.