Monday, March 30, 2009

The Process

It occurred to me recently that it has been a long time since I knit just for the pure enjoyment of the process of knitting.  Sure, there has always been an aimed-for end product, but I used to knit just for the hell of knitting.  Recently, as in most of the last year or two, I always seem to be knitting for a deadline.  I am considering giving up gift knitting for a year.  At least, goal oriented gift knitting.  Anything I knit for the sake of knitting it and then decide to give away or give away with no particular gifting date in mind will be fair game.  I have to come to terms with the fact that I can buy a gift and people will still like it.  And me.  It gives me such pleasure to give people things that wow them and that they enjoy, things that are unique and came from my hard work, but when it becomes a burden much of they joy is lost.  So I have a couple more deadlines.  Things I have already started and already promised, but then I think I am due a break.  Working on the socks for Ben was a bit of a break, although the next deadline was already looming by the time I finished the first sock so the poor second sock hasn't been started.  And its not even due to second sock syndrome!  I want to knit the sock.  I need to knit these gifts.   Ah well, beginning no later than June 1st, its back to the  process of knitting and knitting for the love of it.  There are some wips I can work on, and possibly surprise people with at random, and there are many many things in my Rav queue that I want to make.  This break is important and necessary and though it will cause me some stress to let go and just shop for gifts rather than make a massive knit list I know I can never finish, it will be good for me.  So if you were expecting a knitted gift from me for your birthday or christmas next year, don't feel slighted.  Its not you, its me.

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shelley said...

I like your idea & think you will re-discover the joy of knitting. It will be very liberating.
ALthough, I am in the mood to knit a baby sweater. I like how if you make it the wrong size, as long as it's too big, it will eventually fit. =)