Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finally, one for me

I have made Calorimetries for other people. The first on for my sister. And one for an exchange. And I tried a cablerimetry for a gift. I kept saying I would make one for myself. Its been so cold here recently, I was finally super-motivated to make one for myself. I've had this beautiful skein of Berrocco Jasper laying around for a couple years. I friend sent it to me in a gift a couple christmases back, along with a pattern book of felted projects. But the Jasper was so very pretty, I just couldn't bring myself to felt it. Its hard to find a project that you can do with just one 98 yard skein, but the Calorimetry turned out to be the perfect choice. It used the skein of yarn almost exactly, close enough to make me just a little nervous towards the end.
This will come in handy a lot, I wore it today to keep my ears warm walking to and from the theater. Yesterday, my pretty angora beanie filled in since I hadn't gotten the button sewn on to this yet.
Look at how pretty that yarn is. Actually, the pictures don't really show the depth of color and the flecks of turquoise in parts of it.
I might have to make a few more of these, even though I don't repeat patterns very often, they make great take along projects and I can think of at least a couple more people who could use one. And I would definitely buy more of this yarn if I ran across it. Beautiful.

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