Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playing with new toys

It seems like everything I'm actively working on right now is a secret. There's some cool stuff in there, its just that you'll have to wait to find out about it.

I am starting my first big project on my new loom. I spent sunday night warping it and part of last night getting it ready to go and tonight I might actually be able to start the weaving part. I guess thats the most frustrating thing about weaving. I mean, sure, it goes faster than knitting once you start the actual weaving part, but the set-up time in waaaaaay longer. With knitting you just pick up yarn, needles, maybe a pattern, cast on and go. But with weaving you have this whole long process called warping AND you have to know how big you want to make something BEFORE you start, otherwise you waste a lot of yarn.

And yes, even the thing I am going to be weaving is a secret, so I'll keep a photo log and post them on down the road a bit.

In the breaks between secret knitting and secret weaving I hope to get more done on my Everyway Wrap and my Pfiefer Falls Hooded Scarf. The scarf lost momentum after the first half was finished and I didn't immediately start the second. The Everyway Wrap I carry around and get a few rows done every now and then, so thats not so bad. The Everyway Wrap pattern hasn't gotten boring for me, but looking at the number of repeats left is a little daunting. I am still loving the alpaca blend yarn, even if the halo of the yarn and the heathered color make the cables stand out less.

Well, I guess I should be off to the job that supports my fiber addictions.

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