Friday, January 1, 2010

finally, some christmas presents

Because of the year of no deadlines, I knit things I felt like knitting for christmas but still had other gifts for people. The knitted stuff was added in, just kind of a bonus. It was mostly quick, instant gratification type projects since I was working along side my Every Way Wrap and Pfiefer Falls Hooded Scarf.

So I suppose lets start with the hat and cowl set for my cousin Erin. This used big bulky yarn and its the Marion cowl, which can be found on ravelry, and the airport hat, which can also be found there. Both knit with bod old size 19 needles and both done during a long day of tax continuing ed. :)

Next up we have the cowl I made for my sister-in-law. Its turquoise, and I don't think the color shows up that well against the red, but its a really nice color. Anyway, its one of those long ones that you loop around as many times as you want. Its stylish at 2 wraps but very warm at 3. It was a nice carry along project for non-thinking knitting and I might make myself one at some point. I know I usually don't follow the trend, but currently the trend is all about keeping your neck warm and as a person who does not like the cold, I can get on board with trying to keep warm. And its fun to have small projects that yield very pretty and quick results.

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