Friday, January 1, 2010

More about christmas

a continuation of the previous post...

I gave Heather's mom some pretty stitch markers. They look amber but kind of shimmer blueish.

My first hannah hat attempt came out too small
(above). But the second one came out right. So the first one is going to go to Emerson and the second one was for my sister. I got the same buttons in two different sizes so that there hats really do match. I can't give the little one her hat until I make one for her brother otherwise I would never hear the end of that. But my sister seemed to like hers. And actually I made the cowl first, the hat was an idea after the cowl was done. But I think they make a good little set.

Sometimes it confuses me how blogger lines the photos up, but up the brown hat is the hat I made Ben for Christmas. Its a really awesome tweedy but twisted yarn and I loved working with it. Its long enough to cover his ears, even when the brim is turned up. The hat was pretty fun to make, but I barely got it done in time. I actually finished on Christmas day in the middle of the day. He was distracted so I tucked all the ends in and then wrapped it up. :-)

Christmas 2009 - success.

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