Saturday, January 23, 2010


I decided, even thought I am still in my year of no deadlines, that I want to do the Ravelympics this year. In contemplating what to do for the competition, one event spoke to me the loudest, the UFO event. I have so many UFO's. I can remind myself of some just by looking at my Ravelry notebook. Others have been around so long Ravelry didn't exist and they don't have pages, they just have spots in the UFO drawer that I can't even get to right now because its blocked in by boxes of books. I don't think I've been able to open that drawer for at least 6 or 9 months. Thats terrible. Maybe its even been longer. Eeek. So my challenge to myself is to dig out some of those UFOs and finish them. Tuck the ends in. Block them. Get them done! Some of the things I want to finish are the more recent UFOs, but I do want to dig into the drawer as well. Now that I have a plan, I should go ahead and pull those projects out, line them up, make sure I still have the patterns and the yarn and the appropriate needles. Actually, this is going to be a very good way to reclaim some of those needles so that they are available for other projects. The possibilities here feel endless. I know they aren't, I don't actually have an endless supply of UFOs, but I do have a very large supply of them. Soon i will post pictures of the UFOs I plan to tackle as inspiration for myself. This will also give me a reference of what they looked like at the start of the Ravelympics so that I can compare them with the pictures at the end. Happy knitting, everyone!

Go Team Tulsa Knitters!

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Salihan said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Good luck with your UFO event. it's my first Ravelympics and I'm going to be entering in the sweater slalom. Not long to go before we all cast on! Wooohoo!

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