Monday, July 26, 2010

Blankie for Derek

I decided that my second ever project on the loom I got last christmas would be a baby blanket. I spent quite a lot of time last january warping the loom with beige and brown yarn. A couple of times the peg let loose and it all fell down, it was quite the trying process. But once I got past the hours of frustration that is warping (which I am sure will get better in time but will still be tedious) I began weaving with blue and brown yarn. Boy was I lucky when we found out Derek was a boy!I love how quickly the weaving grows. Despite the rapid growth though, the blanket sat more than 3/4 done dormant for many months. Planning a wedding and getting married will do that to a craft project. If Derek had turned out to be a girl, I'm not sure the poor kid would have gotten a blanket on time. Or she would have still gotten a brown and blue blanket, cause what does it really matter anyway.
Necessity eventually broke the spell that was keeping the poor blanket laying dormant and I finished it up, took it off the loom, tied the fringe and did all that other finishing business. I learned 2 things:
a) tying ends in to fringe is not nearly as tedious as weaving in knitting ends
b) I had gone a lot farther than I thought and the blanket was MUCH longer than it was wide.
But Derek doesn't seem to mind. Hopefully, despite its imperfections, little Derek will sense that his blankie was made with lots of love and spend many happy naps and nights snuggled under its comfort.

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