Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cloths for Little Heather

A good friend I've known since high school got married yesterday. I actually made all of these for her shower in June, which I missed to be at another wedding, so I am just now getting around to posting. I hadn't made picture cloths in a while and had forgotten how cool it is to watch the picture grow.
Not to mention the gratification of finishing a bunch of things in one week instead of slogging through what feels like a never ending project. As you can see above, I made 3 cloths and 3 scrubbies.
Two of the scrubbies are acrylic for things like dishes and counters and serious scrubbing. The turquoise and yellow and blue, however is cotton for bathiness or gentle cleaning.
The double heart cloth was a cool one to make. I think its funny that a CA friend actually made me the same one as a wedding present. Who knows, we might have been working on them at the same time. :-)
I made this wedding cake cloth because it was a personal favorite of the ones I made my sister in law last year for her shower. I love the different layers. I made this one out of a cotton ease. I love the way that stuff knits up and how it feels when you use it. Its softer than dishcloth cottons, so its more of a spa cloth.

And the linen stitch cloth is always a good one to make. You don't get bored because the two colors and the stitch slipping keep you entertained. It is a little denser than a lot of dishcloth patterns because of all those slipped stitches pulling it tight, so I usually go up a needle size to make it, unless you are going for a super dense and scrubby washcloth. This cloth had its night at the bar with Bridgette, we definitely got some looks.

I love that knitted washcloths make my circle of friends so happy. Its really gratifying. And their appreciation means they will probably continue to receive them. (yes, flattery will actually get you somewhere, because if you fawn over my knitting, you might just get some of it. Who doesn't like to feel wanted?)

This week I want to finish a major project for someone else I know without a doubt truly appreciates handmade goodies. Cross your fingers that I can get it done!!

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