Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fiber Christmas - Just a few days away

I'm so excited to Fiber Christmas! Its this friday and saturday at the Creek Count Fairgrounds and if you lie in Oklahoma, you should make an effort to go. The people who run it are great and the vendors and classes are many. I get to put on my Farm Girl Fiber shirt and encourage people to pet the pretty yarns and then give them a good home. :-) If I could finish my honeymoon shawl then Bridg would have a really nice display sample. But the asymmetrical shawl I took to the Brush Creek Barn thing is her dyeing as well, so I suppose I will just take that. I am hoping over the two day event to see and learn a lot of things and meet cool people and, of course, have time to knit, knit, knit. :-) Maybe I'll even spin a little. I haven't spun much since I learned last year at Fiber Christmas. Its not that I don't enjoy it, its just that knitting gives me a finished product and spinning gives me something with which to make a finished product. Anyhow, it shawl be a wonderful week and you should drop in! Friday 4-8 and saturday 8-8 at the Creek County Fairgrounds!!!

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