Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fiber Christmas - Day One

Fiber Christmas is awesome this year. Even more and even better pretty stuff than last year, I love it. I finished knitting a hat with some thick and thin stuff Bridgette spun when we were out at the Brush Creek Barn thing. Its a pattern written by a friend of mine that is available free on Ravelry. I'll post pictures soon. The pattern name is Scarlet if you go looking for it. I figured since there were places where this "art yarn" got pretty darn thick i had better use a pattern written for pretty thick yarn. Anyway, like I said, it can out perfect and I will post pictures soon.

I hope if you live in the north eastern part of Oklahoma that you make it out to Fiber Christmas today. Yesterday was absolutely fantastic and today is the dirty santa gift exchange and judging of the ornament contest. They also have food this year and its pretty darn good food, very awesome.

See you there!

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