Sunday, October 31, 2010

Indie Emporium - The Debriefing of Day 1

Day one of Indie Emporium was filled with anticipation and fun. We set up our booth and chatted with the other vendors most of the day. We scoped out the wares being put up for sale and planned purchases or swap proposals. See how pretty our booth is? We scattered my hats and cowls amongst the yarn and roving. What we totally didn't think about was a mirror. Doh. But now we know.
We started checking on the line about 5pm. We watched Thom hand a silly duct tape sign for all the world to see.
We found friends in line to chat with. First we found Merin who had donated a pretty purple shawl to the silent auction. Then we found the loons pictured above. Brandi, Claire and Sarah were braving the chill to get one of the much sought after swag bags of awesome.
Bridgette did not like me standing in the middle of the road to take pictures of the line but a) there were no cars coming either direction and b) that was the only way to show the entire length of the line waiting to get in. Waiting to see our awesomeness. How cool is that?
I saw the cupcake girls arrive from alter[egos] (I think thats how they write it). I stalked them all the way to the kitchen. That is my pumpkin spice cupcake pictured above. Yum yum yum.

The crowd was fun and varied. I admit I thought business would be a little more hopping that first night, but next year we will know to bring some lights for our booth and a mirror for the trying on of garments. I like the idea of the party atmosphere that first night, but it is hard to get people to look at things like a black cabled hat or a dark brown cowl in the dark. We did definitely meet great people and lots of cards were taken. If you are one of those awesome people who took a card, I look forward to hearing from you!

Day 2 coming shortly!

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