Saturday, October 23, 2010


My lovely friend Heather spent part of her morning helping me out. I wanted to document the stuff I've made recently. I want to be able to put pics in a book or on-line and be like, yep, I can make that. And I think it is easier for people to picture themselves wearing things if they have seen it modeled rather than just laying around on my desk, where I take most of my pics. So, without further ado, 5 of the gems we took today:

First up is Inspired. Definitely looks good with a long sleeve T and it could go 2 wraps or 3 if its really cold.

The Button Pinch looks cute on Heather. It makes me wish it was cold enough to wear mine.

The Sampler Style Casual Cowl looks snuggly, but just as the name implies, casual.

Personally, I love this one. The Slipping Away cowl looks great with Heather's brown coat. It adds some color and some warmth up at the neckline.

And then there is the one she liked so much she bought it. The Just Because Cowl. It's super long and the yarn is kind of squishy and snuggly because it is a boucle knit in a very open stitch pattern. As Heather learned it can be wrapped 3 times without actually getting tight up against your neck. I think I might try and whip out another of these before Indie Emporium, in case other people like them as much as Heather did.

More soon, we seriously took a ton. I hope to see everyone at Indie Emporium next Friday and Saturday, where I will have all of this and much more!

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