Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Day in Knitting Paradise

Ok, well, almost. I would have like to have knit even more, but I always want that, so whats new? I finished both the debsdishclothdemons KAL and the knitdishcloths KAL. The knitdishcloths KAL was a dolphin and I think it turned out totally cute. I'll post a picture eventually, once I remember to take one. or I may just add it to the end of the slideshow. Thats what I usually do when I have new pics of FOs. The cloth from DDD ended up sayings I love DDD and it was all nice and soft because I used the cottontots, but it was super skinny because I realized I had forgotten to do the border at the beginning so I didn't do it at the end either. I think I might just crochet a border on the top and the bottom. We'll see. I do plan to keep that one for myself as either a shower washcloth or a face cloth.

I worked on the baby blanket I'm making while I was at work and then towards the end I realized that I have a BIG mistake about 5 rows back so I have to pull it back some. Sux. I tried to fix it with a crochet hook, but it just wasn't happening. I gotta get that blanket done so I can have my size 9 circular needles back so I can start that Venezia dress that I have the yarn for. Its gonna be sooooo pretty! Yay! And I really need to make myself finish that Vogue Knitting skirt that I started last spring. I will finish it! And I will wear it this season!

I am totally putting Yarnplay, Knitting Lingiere Style, and Knit 2 Together on my wishlist. All three great books! And so was that scarf, shawl, and poncho book Carol was looking at this morning. I love books. :-)

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Karen T. said...

Your work is beautiful! Karen T. from Dishcloth KAL