Monday, June 18, 2007

Things I don't need, things I do want, and more

I was in Simi today (don't ask), so I HAD to stop by the Wal-mart, cause everyone esle has sunch pretty colors of peaches and cream and I was feeling left out. So I started to pick up 2 of each, but then I stopped myself and got one of each color I liked instead and if I decide I like some of them enough then I will go back for seconds. Except for that really, really bright ass one. I did buy two of that, cause its fun.

I read that all needles were going to be on sale this week at Joanns. And if you are lucky enough to live by a Hobby Lobby, all needles and hooks are supposedly 50% off this week. You lucky dog. Wish we had one of those here.

I didn't finish the day 2 rows of the Monthlydishcloths KAL because I am waiting to see how the RS/WS discussion turns out. What do you think? I was pleasantly suprised to find out that the dishclothfunknitalong KAL was a fairy, and I like it better now, but its still hard to see.

I did end up crocheting on a border to the DDD cloth and it looks nice. The Knitdishcloths Dolphin also looks really nice and I tucked the ends in on all three so now I can add 3 cloths to my finished pile. I still need to photograph them all though.

I finished a Cat in the Hat dishcloth for Cameron today. I'm adding it to the stack of dishcloths and kitchen scrubbies I'm giving him as a housewarming present after he moves at the end of the month. The pattern is really cute and if I could remember where I got it from I'd recommend everyone go download it.

I gotta go to bed. For real.

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