Friday, June 15, 2007

KAL addiction & Scrubbies

Ok, its official, I'm addicted. I have 3 KALs on the needles right now and there is another one starting tomorrow. The one from is still a mystery. I am doing it in red on size five needles. We shall see.... The one from is on size 8's in yellow Cottontots. I'm not sure what it is yet, but I love how soft it is. I'm pretty sure what the one from is, tomorrow is the last day of that one. I have it on 6's in hot pink, but I thinkit would have been better in blue. And lastly there is one starting tomorrow at I think I'm going to use the blue, cream, and burgundy varigated sugar and cream.

I gave Tim his birthday present tonight. He really liked the coasters and the washcloth, but he said that the kitchen scrubbie looked too nice to use. WTF? I don't make these things to sit on a shelf!!!! But he said he would feel bad scrubbing dishes with my hard work. Harumph. I need to make myself one, cause at least I know I will actually use it. And I think Cam will use the ones I am making him. I think he's heard me talk about it enough to understand that I actually want people to use the things I make for them. :-)

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