Thursday, June 21, 2007


Its easy to feel like a prolific knitter when you are cranking out dishcloths!!! I added 7 pics to the end of the slideshow, but for your impatient viewing pleasure, here they are:

***I can't get the captions to line up right and I am super tired right now. I'm sure you can figure it out.

The Unicorn is from the Monthly Dishcloth Knit Along June KAL

The Army Eagle I made today to send to my friend's husband in a care package

The Cat in the Hat cloth is super cute. Cameron is moving next week, so I have to finish getting his housewarming gift set together.

Chevron Dishcloth

The Dolphin is from the dishclothknitalong group's June KAL. I love it! I'll have to make another in blue.

The Flutterby Fairy from the dishclothfunknitalong group's June KAL kept me and my friends guessing the whole time

When I treated myself to all of that beautiful varigated yarn on sunday I knew I needed to just make a simple cloth where the color would be all of the decoration. I love this color combo.

This maroon, navy, and cream Grandmother's Favorite is also part of Cam's housewarming gift set.

The I heart DDD cloth I am keeping for myself. The cottontots is soooooo soft.

This Textured Ridges cloth actually made me faster at purling because the entire thing is worked up mainly in purl. Mine came out rather loose, but really pretty.

Ok, I'm going to bed now. I can't wait till friday!!!

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Lindy said...

Your KAL looks great! So do all the others.