Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back in Tulsa, but missing Cali

Because I miss everyone so ridiculously much I can't even say, I'm going to post about the dishcloths I gave Cheryl, my super wonderful manacurist, the last time she did my nails before I left. I'll post about the trip later, cause I did knit on the road once I realized that if I can knit without looking it won't make me motion sick. And I only dropped 1 stitch the entire time! But more about that later, with pictures of what I made.

This first one is a free pattern called "May you find peace in your heart" and I think it came out beautifully! Cheryl loves peace signs and I had already given her the regular one, so I thought this one would make a nice addition to her dishcloth collection.

Next we have the Monthly Dishcloth Knitalong mid-month KAL. Between the cables and the varigated yarn it is a bit busy, but I think Cheryl liked it and I love cabling, so it was really fun to make. And the bernat organic cotton is super soft. I think I would recommend it for face cloths.

And last, but not least, I whipped up a cute little soap sack to match all of Cheryl's other stuff. I like soap sacks. They are fast and fun. Especially this little drop stitch pattern.
So here's the whole present having a group photo. Aren't they cute together?

While I was in Cheryl's beautiful home, I decided that all of the dishcloths that I had made her should have a photo shoot, with the gorgeous kitchen as the background. The one hanging from the faucet is actually excatly where I found it when I walked into the house, still damp from being used. Its the first peace sign cloth I made her. The only cloth that missed the photo shoot was the face cloth I made from the bernat organic cotton that was the little boxes pattern. I didn't want to make her dig it out of the bathroom.

And if you look carefully under the pile of dishcloths, on the counter you'll see a dishdrain I crocheted a few years ago for Cheryl. :-) I love that she uses it and I am glad I picked a rich cream color that compliments her kitchen well. I made my mother one and she uses it all the time. Cheryl's is in better shape because she has the rack above it. My mom puts dishes straight on hers so its getting a little worn and she may need a new one soon.

One last group photo. Six dishcloths, chillin' by the sink. Its so nice when you go to someone's house and see them using the things you made for them. :-) Those people tend to continue getting things, more than the people who don't use things (like the guys that think knitted things are too nice to use so they just look at them).
I am supposed to be going to bed. I promise I will post pictures of the jolly roger cloth and other things I was working on as I was leaving Cali and about the trip back. And I want someone to send me pictures of the going away party(s) so I can post those and ramble on about that too. G'night!


Shelley said...

Nice idea with the drainer mat. Maybe one day I will be able to crochet enough to do one. And I would also like to say, "Doh!" Because I have a Canadian exchange partner and don't want the hassle of actually having to go to the P.O. and mail internationally. Waah.
Gave my friend Tina (the cat lady) a pink twist bathcloth. Now she finally wants to learn to knit. We shall see.....I might teach her at Chuck E. Cheese; we know you can knit there.
Glad you made it home; waiting to hear about your trip.

shelley said...

PS Send your mom's nail lady to your blog, and she will see what you made Cheryl, and maybe squeeze you in!