Saturday, September 8, 2007

That Hot Pink Jolly Roger

I had to wait to post about it until after I gave it to Miss Becca, and since I gave it to her the week I was frantically packing to move, the post just got put off. I found this free Jolly Roger dishcloth pattern on-line and decided it would be the center piece to Becca's birthday present, and I really think she liked it. It knit up very fast. I think I know a few more people who need Jolly Roger washcloths. I didn't have time to block it before I took the picture, but I think the design is easy to see none the less. Here the washcloth is hanging out with its fellow present items getting ready to be wrapped in tissue paper and arranged in a cute little bag. The socks say Rock Princess on them and there are four pairs, each different. And who can resist raspberry sorbet lotion and glitter gel?

In other news I have started the baby blanket that I spent all summer meaning to start and its working up very quickly. Its really really pretty and I hope the girl I'm making it for likes it. I have also decided to make the adorable baby hat pattern that was this fridays pattern of the week in the Stitch N Bitch calendar for two other girlies I know who are pregnant. Thats all I want to say on the baby gift subject, in case any of them ever look at this blog. But, as always, I will post pictures after the items have been gifted. :-)

I need to make the cloths I have picked out for my two different september exchange partners. The move put me really far behind. I already got the cloth from my KnitDishCloths partner and its beautiful. I'll post a picture of the whole package later. Gotta go knit!

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Lynne said...

Hi! Your dishcloth turned out beautifully! I don't suppose you would share that pattern here, would you? I've been searching for the perfect Jolly Rogers dishcloth pattern. I don't like the plain skulls or when the bones are below the skull, and that's about all I've been able to find, but this one is perfect!

Thank you!