Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Better Late Than Never, August Exchanging

I've waited so long to post the pictures because I wanted to post them all together and some of them were still on my camera and now that I finally have it all here, I'm just too tired to write much. This is the exchange package I received from Michele through the knitdishcloths group. I love the sweet puppy notepad. I mean really, look at those little faces! I like the dolphin cloth and tea as well. I drink a lot of tea, especially after it cools down
Here's the stuff I sent Michele. Nothing big, just cutesy little stuff, but I think she liked it all. I read that she loved yellow and green, so between the cloth and the slippers I figured I had a good thing going.

I just love this pattern. Its so pretty and fun to knit. I need to make myself one of these. I had excatly enough yarn when making this cloth. It was the second cloth I'd made from that particular Super Skein of Sugar and Cream, and I seriously had maybe a yard leftover when I finished binding off. I was sooooo nervous there towards the end.
So, anyway, I think exchanging in August all went well and I had fun. Pretty soon I should be able to post about exchainging in September. I have the cloth from my knitdishcloths partner and I have mailed hers to her. I know my tea time knitters partner got her exchange package and I know mine is in the mail on its way here. I'm soooo excited!
Ok, to bed. Seriously.

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Shelley said...

score, dude! Did your bathing suit one turn out huge?
How goes the speed stix?
I'm knitting on the baby blanket still. The stripey one with yo's like you made (light pink. darker pink, and yellow KnitPicks superwash wool-shower is Oct. 14, and I'm glad I was invited!) And I'm doing a not-so-skinny scarf for my exchange partner, out of handpainted cotton I got at Eva's-so nice! It's choc. brown and blue-teal. No new DC on the needles!!!! But actually the scarf is about 7" wide, so much like a dishcloth. Brioche rib stitch. You should have seen my spazziness at trying to figure out how to start with a yo. Finally just started with the yarn forward, and it yo'd when I got to the next stitch.