Saturday, September 15, 2007

Speed Stix

So yesterday I started my first adventure knitting with size 50 needles. Or, as Lionbrand calls them, Speed Stix. I am using one of their patterns, but I don't want to say more than that as this is to be a gift and I wouldn't want to spoil the suprise. All I want to say is that holding the size 50 needles made my hands hurt far more than knitting with teeny weenie size 1 needles. I think I worked on them for about 2 hours and then I seriously had to stop. The results look great though, so I think its worth it. I will just only work on this particular project for an hour or two at a time and always have another project around to pick up when stretch my hands round the ginormous needles starts to get painful. I do think that if you have bigger hands than mine that it would be much easier, the only part that hurts is that I have to literally stretch my hands to hold the needles. And the first row on the big fatties is really akward but totally do-able.

I'm supposed to be helping my grandma move, so ciao!


Anonymous said...

Somer--Size 50 needles???????????????????????? You are my new hero.


Shelley said...

Is it finished yet? heh heh