Monday, September 24, 2007

Gift Set For Mark / Knitting in the Truck

I learned something vitally important on the drive from LA to Tulsa at the beginning of the month. I learned that, as long as I don't look at it, I can indeed knit in the car! Awesome! And I so took advantage of that this past weekend on the 13 hour drive to Chicago / South Bend and the 13 hour drive back. This is the stuff I sent Mark. Its a soap sack with an all natural Hemp soap already inside and a set of 6 coasters. I made 4 of the coaster during this drive and I examined them closely after arriving home. No mistakes that I could find! Which is especially good because I knit two of the in the dark (after sunset) so even if I had wanted to look down, I couldn't.

Here are the 6 coasters all laid out so they are easier to see. The granny and the nubbins are the two I already had done before the trip.

This is a close up of the coaster I made using the lionbrand dishcloth pattern that is just a simple 4 row repeat.

This is just a basic seed stitch coaster

And the Granny. I have picture of all of them, but I am in a big hurry because I should already be leaving for work at the PAC and my hair is still wet and I have no make-up on, but since I got a text yesterday that he had finally received all of this in the mail, I wanted to go ahead and post. :-) I thought about it last night, but I was just too tired.
If you take a good look at the OTN section of the side bar you will notice I completed 2 big projects this weekend. Yay! I still haven't tucked all the ends in, but I will. OK, off to work now!

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Shelley said...

What did you do in Chicago? Love the blackwatch, expecting my cone to arrive on Friday. Bad bad bad.
Mark's present turned out great! I need to make the Lion Brand cloth (how many times have I said this?) because it always looks so good when I see it done!