Sunday, August 15, 2010

Determined little knitter

Determined to see how many hats I can knit. I've done quite a few this past week. There was the brown pinch hat that I finished last monday, shown here again because of further decorative experimentation. I think this brooch needs to go on a pinch hat, just probably not this pinch hat.Now if that flower was a rust color, then it would be perfect.
This is pinch hat number 2. It's a little smaller and lighter weight than the first one with a semi-shiny satiny yarn that is almost a light gold color and some light blue stripes. I'm thinking this button for tis particular hat. It has just enough contrast, but also covers up the join where the stripes meet up. I have a third pinch hat on the needles already, but its such an easy pattern that I decided to leave it in the car as my emergency knitting.
This next is the 'Shroom hat from knitty. I had some really pretty turquoise yarn leftover from forever-ago and it was perfect for this project. It was also a quick project that knit up in two evenings. All week I have been finishing up the project I started the night before and then starting a new one.
Gehry was another project like that. I started it friday night after I finished the Shroom hat and finished it this morning (no knitting time yesterday). Another thing I have been very determined about is tucking in the ends. So far I have made myself tuck in the ends on the just finished project before starting the next. A lot of times on projects without due dates I tend to set them aside without finishing that final step.
Today has been an extremely productive day. After I finished Gehry I went back to a pattern I really enjoyed the first time I did it. It was actually written by a friend of mine. She calls it Scarlet, so I call this one the Go State Scarlet. Its a quick knit so I am already halfway through another hat. This time it Hannah's Hat (which is not the same as the Hannah hat that has a hole for a ponytail that I love). This time I think the chunky turquoise stuff might not be quite chunky enough. I think it will still be a cute hat, it just won't be exactly what the pattern writer had in mind.

Well, we'll see what this week brings.

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Amy Fredericks said...

Hey just wondering how to find the pattern for the pinch hat, it is exactly what I have been looking for, do you ever loom knit? I think I may try it on that,