Monday, August 16, 2010


Its time to decide what to enter in the fair this year. Entries are due soon, so I need to make some decisions. I looked back over all of my projects from last November to now. I think that the 2 best things I have made (for fair purposes) are Sara's Starghan and My Honeymoon Shawl. Sara is generous enough that she says I can borrow it to enter in the fair, so I am leaning heavily towards doing that. It sucks that the fair happens just as its getting cool usually and right when I might want to start wearing my shawls is when they could be locked up in a display case. Oh well, I guess the trade off is not knowing if it could have gotten a ribbon. Is there anything else I have knit in the last year that I should enter? If you look back through the past blog posts, that should give you a pretty good idea of most everything I have done this year. Is there something you see that maybe I didn't?

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