Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fiber Christmas Part 2!

Check out the door prize I won: Every year there are dozens upon dozens of door prizes, so there are many chances to win. All the vendors donate things and every prize is awesome. This yarn is soooo squishable! And I love the colorway. I don't think I did it justice here, but its fantastic.
This is what I got in the dirty santa swap. Maybe I deserved it because last year I got such awesomeness in the swap. No idea what I am going to do with all this acrylic. And embroidered toilet paper, seriously? Ug.
This pretty roving is super soft. I bought a new drop spindle from Dawn of Dawning Dreams and got started on it last night. I am going to use this super soft stuff that was on sale to practice spinning very fine yarn. Hopefully my spinning will get less "arty" over time.
And when I get good, on either a drop spindle or some day a wheel, I will spin up this luscious merino and bamboo. Its black with a nice silvery blue bit running through it. I could swim in a kiddie pool of this stuff, its amazing.
And last but not least I got more lovely cedar and lavender sachets to keep with my lovely yarn and rovings.

Well, now its time to quarantine it all for a couple weeks in the big freezer before letting it all socialize with my stash. Hopefully I can find room for all of it out there.

oh, if anyone wants to teach me to spin on a wheel, and wants to loan me a wheel to do it on, let me know. A spinning wheel isn't really in the budget right now. Maybe some day.

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