Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kelli of the Awesomeness

I forgot to mention in my other Fiber Christmas ramblings that my friend Kelli won the felted bag my mother donated as a door prize. It's totally awesome that she won it because it will make a perfect diaper bag for her baby girl! :-) Also, I don't get to see Kelli very often, so it was wonderful to spend most of a day and all evening with her and Bridgette and all the other wonderful yarn addicts.

I really should be heading to work, but I only have 2 rows left on the cowl I started at Fiber Christmas from the yarn Bridgette gave me. It was either for my birthday or my bridal shower, I forget, but it's a really pretty blue and purple and green and white colorway with just a hint of shimmer to it. I'm making the fifth avenue infinity cowl with it. Well, I guess the thought of finishing it will just give me something to look forward to all day. Of course, in the current 100+ degree weather all I will be able to do is admire it and hang it up for later.


Dawning Dreams said...

Hey, that's my yarn in the Background! You need more pics. . LOL! So when am I going to see you next?

Knit-O-Matic said...

I totally forgot to take very many pics. I didn't even get picks of my knitted stuff chillin all over your wheels.

Are you going to do indie emporium? If you haven't turned in a vendor app and you want to do it hurry up cause they are due soon. Otherwise, just let me know when you are in town for something. Bridgette and I are always up for causing a little trouble.