Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tulsa State Fair 2010

So I have officially chosen my entries. Perhaps others are being more secretive about it, I don't know. But in any case, I have decided to enter my:
Honeymoon Shawl
(I need to get a picture actually wearing the shawl or draping it over something)

and Sara's Starghan
I thought hard about all of the things I have knit this year and these two stand out in my mind. Of course, 2 other bigs projects I considered were my Pink for Piper blanket from February and Derek's Woven Blankie that I worked on all year but just gave to him in July.

Sara is generous enough to loan me the Starghan long enough to enter it in the fair. Hopefully miss Emagene won't mind too much. I hate having to ask people to borrow back stuff, but hopefully when I give it back to her again I can do so saying, "you have a prize winning blankie, Emagene!" Speaking of prize winning, I gave the blanket I got a ribbon for last year to my cousin's baby boy. I wonder how little Matthew likes his Sample Style Baby Afghan.

I hope everyone around Tulsa gets a chance to hit the fair this year and take a look at all of the hand arts that people have entered. Last year it was a beautiful display of talent and creativity and its sure to be again this year. I believe the fair dates are September 30th to October 11th. If anyone wants to get a group together to go and be silly, hit me up.

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