Friday, August 13, 2010

Pinch Hat

From the very first time I saw this hat, I knew I had to make it. Its fast, easy and adorable. Its knit flat and then seamed down the side pulling the seem tight to create the pinch. I can't imagine who this hat wouldn't look good on. Even all by itself the pinch is cute,
but the endless embellishment options make it even better. I haven't decided for sure what to put on this one. I messed around a little with some buttons I have in a jar. It looks pretty good with the one large button.
But its also kind of adorable with the two colors of smaller buttons. I didn't have any brooches the right color for this hat to try.

Since taking these pictures on sunday I have actually finished another of these hats, I added some striping to that one, and have started a third. I seem to have endless ideas of yarn combos and colors for this pattern. I might end up making a zillion of them. And its a ridiculously easy pattern to throw in your purse or car and just knit on in lines or in between things because its all garter stitch.

I took last night off from the pinch hat though to give a go at the Shroom hat from Knitty. Its knitting up awesomely fast in a really bright turquoise. Despite the fact that the weatherman has said it will be 105 today, things are hat crazy in our house these days.


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