Sunday, November 21, 2010

Affair of the Heart

Today I hit up Affair of the Heart with my mom. We had a great time seeing all the cool doodads and riffling through the occasional antique booth. There was a lot of super-sparkle there again. The kind you see on the eccentric older women or the creepy bleached out rhinestone cowgirls. But in amongst all of that insanity there were definitely some worthwhile finds.I figured since I went back to this one particular booth 3 times to look at this cameo necklace that I might be sad if I didn't buy it, so I did. I also ran in to SheezKrafty at that booth, I think it was my second time over there. I went back to a booth full of TONS of hair dooeys to get that little black lace bow with the black feathers. So cute. Here comes my sadness though, one of the other hair bows I bought is already missing! I hope it just fell out of my bag in mummy's car, otherwise I am very sad. It was a flower and feather combo and very cute.

I also picked up a couple of dresses today. The grey one I bought really early in the day. Its fantastic and can go office or party. I wiggled into it right there in the booth and fell in love! I am so glad I bought it. And then late in the day, almost at closing I found the cream and lace dress. LOVE again!!! Some tights, some boots, long sleeve t-shirt or sweater and it will be perfect. (in the spring it will be perfect all on its own) And yes, there in the bottom right you can see I was enjoying a slice of leftover baby shower cake while examining my purchases.

Oh, and I did find time to knit today too! Mum and I went to a baby shower for a long time family friend and I made a hat during the shower! The only picture is on my phone, but eventually I will get it uploaded. I carried 3 strands of yarn together and used size 11 needles. It was a free pattern I found on Ravelry and I can't for the life of my remember what it's called right now, but when I get to posting the pic I will try and post a link to the pattern too. Anyhow, I carried a light pink, a medium pink and a white all together at once.

I think after such a busy day I deserve to go to bed early with a good book. I am not sure if the 4 legged furry children agree with me on this subject, but I believe I shall try and persuade them.

edit: Dad found the hairbow in the car! Sooooo happy it's not lost!

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Anonymous said...

Love the dresses and the hairbow--good choices!