Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tiny Pumpkin

My sister-in-law teaches preschool. A couple of times she has mentioned various knitting toys that would be cool to have for the class room (a dozen apples, finger puppets, etc). As a quick break from all the hats and cowls, I decided to cast on for a tiny adorable pumpkin for her. I actually made the pumpkin immediately after Indie Emporium, before I started in on the special order. The pumpkin was super fast to make and came out really cute. Now, I admit that I have always avoided knitting toys. I guess I just figured that with all the little parts some of them had that there would be a lot of finishing work, so I really would never finish them. And I think that might actually be true of knitted dolls and other things with arms and legs, but the pumpkin was easy. So I think for now I will probably stick to fruits and vegetables, maybe that way when I am inspired to more complicated toys I will have it ingrained in my brain that toys are easy. Because it's all about your attitude, right?

I have actually been getting better about finishing things. I have been weaving in ends as I go and not just leaving them in a big pile for later. I am actually finding my self ridiculously satisfied when I do that, so I suppose that is my motivation to keep it up. It's nice not to have to go back to a huge pile of mostly completed projects and spend an entire day weaving in ends. My goal is to not be weaving in ends on christmas eve unless I suddenly decide to make something last minute. But no piles of ends!

btw - I do have a good start on Christmas already, but I won't be posting about any of the particular projects. I expect that I will have a lot to write about the last week of december when I can finally post pictures.

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