Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Shower Hat

I don't usually start and finish the gift at the baby shower, but that is what I did on Sunday. It has been a very busy month and with relatively little warning, I needed to attend a baby shower for a friend who lives out of town. I wanted to make her something but just couldn't find the time. So I bought some cutesie things, but then made this hat at the shower:
How, you might ask? Well, I made the La Petite Fluer hat, which is a free Ravelry download. It is super fast and made on size 11 needles. I held together 3 strands of dk weight yarn, 2 in different shades of pink and one white. This hat is super stretchy and the 3 colors add a lot of dimension. And the whole thing, start to finish, can be done in about an hour and a half, and that includes time out to eat snacks and cake and weaving in all your ends. So really, I'd say its a one hour hat if you are able to focus.
I did not make the flower that the hat pattern has a link to. I thought it was pretty enough on its own. But I do think it would look cute with the flower as well.

I definitely think I will keep this pattern in reserve for the next time I need a super ridiculously fast baby hat. Heck, maybe I'll measure my gauge sometime and adjust the cast on for a toddle or child's hat. :-)

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syeds said...

Knitting gifts is an awesome idea, i know knitting. these type of gifts has its own identity and of-course its priceless.

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