Sunday, November 14, 2010

A break from Knitting

I'm not really taking a break from knitting, I was just knitting 5 minutes ago. I am, however, giving you a break from reading about knitting. Instead, I will let you look at pretty pictures from the lake.



Me and Ben

It was cold but nice out by the lake and the guys got a lot done. I meant to knit in the car on the way to and from but instead I slept. And slept and slept. The car does that to me.

Now for my other non-knitting related topic. I have been reading a number of new blogs lately, and I have mentioned a couple of them briefly because of contests I thought people might be interested in, but I just wanted to take a moment to mention them again. There are some really great creative people putting tons of inspirational stuff on the web and these people are definitely part of that awesomeness:

First we have:

Not only are her accessories adorable, her photography is fantastic. I wonder if she could be bribed to photograph my next set of knitted accessories. Regardless, she's refreshing to read and through her blog I learned about the next one:

I haven't been reading that one long, but so far it's fun. And you have to love the sheer number of pretty pictures. I may not like every style she posted today, but I saw lots of great ideas there and looking back at past posts I know I can expect more great ideas from future posts. These are the main things I look for in a blog: ideas, inspiration or feeling. I think this one has it all.

Next, if you haven't visited Weather and Noise yet, you really should. I wish it was still warm enough to wear the two very sexxy dresses I found in Christine's clearance bin at Indie. Oh well, I guess I will have to be patient until next spring and then nag Ben into taking my somewhere fancy enough to wear them. :-) The coasters and bobby pin, however, have already seen a lot of use. I absolutely love them.

SheezKrafty is another one I know I have mentioned before (remember the AMAZING necklace I traded a hat for at Indie Emporium?). And it turns out that she and I have an its-a-small-world connection, which is fun. So go check out her blog and shop her pretty stuff. :-)

Ok, I think that is enough new stuff for today. It should keep you busy for a while.

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