Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Knitterly Baby Shower

Yesterday we showered little Robert Patrick Garza with lots of love. And knitting.

We started out with some light snacks.
The Spread
Ok, I admit, my idea of light snacks might be different than yours. The need to feed, or over feed, people is a genetic inheritance, so it's not my fault.

Pretty packages covered the fireplace
And my first ever diaper cake served as centerpiece to the coffee table
Diaper cake

Kellie received some fantastic gifts.
Cute bunny. Most of us started knitting while we still though Kellie was having a girl. Oops! But I think toys can be any color you want, so the bunny is still perfect.
Blanket knit by the amazing Megan
Amazing blanket by Megan. Megan dyed the yarn for this blanket herself. I think the colors are fantastic. In Megan's own words "The yarn was an “overspun” lot from the mill that Knitpicks uses. It’s close to the Merino Style DK. I hand dyed all of the colored yarn. The blanket is just 2 rows of color and 1 row of white (I think) in stockinette stitch. The edging is from this shawl. The booties are Saartje’s Bootees, and I dyed some leftover Cascade Pure Alpaca I had lying around. I used size 1 needles and made the larger size booties"
Burp cloth I found at a craft fair that screamed Kellie to me.
Blue satin hat knit by Somer
Blue satin hat. Just a basic 1x1 rib pattern that I hope will be stretchy enough to fit him for quite a while. Right now it would be a slouch hat on him, but he will grow into it.
hats and more! The blue green hat was knit with Farm Girl Fiber yarn. This whole spread was from Sarah. I love the little black/grey set. Its really cute and soft. I believe the yarn was Happy Feet. I'm sure she'll correct me if I am wrong.
It was really quite the impressive spread. And we all had some much fun watching her open the gifts. :-)

The cake was fan-freaking-tastic
It came from Yummy Cakes, a fabulous local group full of awesome.
cute little tiger on the cake
The cake was lemon and absolutely perfect.
And it went great with the blue raspberry and lime sherbert punch
Kellie and I
Kellie and I at the end of the shower

Since I have probably already overwhelmed you with enough pics for one post, I will follow up later with tons of shots of baby cuteness!

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I love the knit toy. Super cute!