Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Special Order!

I don't always take special orders. I generally knit what I feel because I enjoy that the most. But I took a good size special order at Indie Emporium about a week and a half ago and I even enjoyed making it. But some of my "doing what I feel" came out even in that.

First up was a seed stitch cowl and a pinch hat in black. The customer did not want any embellishments on the hat, so its plain-jane but I think the simple look comes out very classy. The cowl is long enough to wrap twice loosely and three times for super-snuggly warmth. The seed stitch shows up nicely on this bulky but super soft yarn.

Next up was an off-white set. Once again she chose the pinch hat design free from any embellishments. I had grown weary of seed stitch on the black cowl, however, so I ended up doing a swirl design on the cream colored one. I am hoping that she likes it once she sees it! If not, it will be back to the seed stitching for me and that one will end up for sale on my web page. This cowl is also long enough to wrap twice loosely and three times for super-snuggle.

So there it is all together. Both sets are super soft and I am very happy with them. Now, time to call the customer!


Amanda said...

Super cute! I love looking at all your stuff, and I'm amazed at how productive you are!!

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the "doing what you feel" and not taking special orders thing, although it seems like it worked out well for you in this case, with pretty results. It is really nice to see someone else with that philosophy as well.