Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for some many things. First and foremost is my family, especially my wonderful husband. I am also thankful for my two sweet puppies, fantastic friends and great food.

Here is my contribution to the thanksgiving feast-ivities:
They are a healthier version of candied sweet potatoes. They were first boiled in apple juice then cooked with a light orange juice and maple syrup glaze. Yum!

That is my cousin and his family's new puppy! Her name is Remmy and she's the cutest little thing. She was so exhausted after running around all day meeting new people. They've only had her about a week.

I also managed to knit today. See:
I actually finished a commissioned cowl. The color was the only thing the client really specified, so I had fun with it. I'm calling it Quadrants and I'll post the super easy pattern soon. Hopefully tomorrow.
I need to get a picture of it on someone so you can really see relative size. Its a super soft and fluffy yarn and should be cozy wrapped twice and SUPER cozy wrapped 3 times. I need to block it because one section rolls. It doesn't really bother me that it does though, so hopefully it won't bother the recipient either.

Tomorrow morning we will pull out the Christmas decorations! I am not a believer in Christmas before Thanksgiving, but starting the day after is a heck yes. And we already have presents to put under the tree! I have to wrap them first, but it's awesome that we already have a few. :-) It's going to be super cold in the morning, so wish my luck in getting the husband in to the attic!

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Amanda K said...

So much great knitting! I bring the sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, too.....but WAY less healthy. I had a goal of starting the Christmas decorating this weekend...but so far...hasn't happened. Happy Christmas Season to you!