Saturday, April 23, 2011

And There Was This Festival

My Saturday Snapshot this week is me and my friend Sandi at Vegoose the first year.
We all had a blast.  If you have never heard of Vegoose, it was a 2 day music festival in Las Vegas and a lot of the same people who played at Bonaroo on any given year would also play at Vegoose.  You couldn't camp out there, which was sad, but it was a fantastic festival environment all the same.

I miss going to festivals.  I really love the whole festival atmosphere.  Not, not the crazy drunks or anything, just the barefoot dancing or laying on a blanket listening to an afternoon set or shopping in hippie village and meeting new people and all of that.  I haven't been to a good festival in years.

It may be a totally different kind of thing, but there year there is one festival I am going to try and hit.  The Woodie Guthrie Festival.  Yes, for reals.  But if you read my post about John McCutcheon then you understand that I would probably fit in just fine at the Woodie Guthie festival.  Its too bad I can't go to all 4 days and camp out there, but if I can hit at least one day of it, that would be awesome.  My other goal is to make it to Winfield Kansas this year for the Walnut Valley Music Festival.  I want to go SO BAD.  I wanted to go last year but we didn't make it.  Cross your fingers for me folks, that I do indeed get to go.

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Briana Shepley said...

Yay!! I would be thrilled to have you there! I think you would LOVE it...have I told you that before? ;)

Holly said...

I've never been to a big music festival, but I am pretty sure I'd love it. Especially if there are hippie villages involved. I would definitely like to try and make it out to the Woody Guthrie Festival sometime. It sounds like fun!