Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I want, I want

I am linking up again this week with

First there is this hat.  Now I know I just got a new hat, but maybe I need another new hat.  A large collection of hats would be lovely.  Seriously, I think this hat is awesome.

I think these napkin rings may be the coolest napkin rings I have ever seen.  I love how they look rustic and delicate at the same time.

I have wanted a Gleeful Peacock locket since I first saw her stuff, the problem is that I can't decide which one.  Would someone please tell me that I would like one her lockets the next time he has to buy me something?  I would greatly appreciate it as that would save me from having to decide which one I want.  I tend to gravitate towards the more subtle ones, like this one or one she had on display at PH this past weekend that just had a piece of turquoise lacy metal filigree on it.  And I am not particular on round or oval.

This party dress is just stunning.  And I like the way the seller has photographed and displayed it.  

I know I probably should have thought about it earlier, but some make:Tulsa friends and I are working the TOMS party at Ida Red tonight and I was thinking I just might get my first pair.  I looked at the website to see what they have and I am really drawn to these burlap TOMS for some reason.  Now, I know that just because they are on the website does not mean they will be in the store, but I am going to take a look tonight and see what they have.  They might not even have anything in a 5.5 in the store and then I would be forced to order on-line.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Shelley said...

Elaine is so into those Toms. Cute. They sell them at Whole Foods here.
Your st markers are looking fab! I hope your shows go well-you must be crazy busy with them on top of taxes.
Working on a baby blanket out of Big Baby in blues/denims for my friend's grandson. It's carseat-sized, three blocks across. The blocks alternate, either seed st or st st, so very quick. Quick is good since baby is a week old already. He is in Nebraska, where grandma is visiting another week.

Sarah B. said...

That dress is breathtaking! And I NEED those napkin rings ;) Thanks for linking up!

Holly said...

I'm loving the dress! I'm actually not a huge fan of Toms, but I do agree that the burlap ones cute.

Meeling said...

That dress....BEAUTIFUL!!!!

BB Goad said...

Haha, I have Tom's on my list today too :) Happy Tuesday!

Karina said...

I really need to get me a pair of Tom's but I am so in love with that party dress :) spectacular!!


Jaclyn said...

What a beautiful locket!