Monday, April 18, 2011

Old Soul

Last night the world's most wonderful husband drove me all the way to the Jazz Lab in Edmond, Oklahoma to see John McCutcheon.  Now, I can hear many of you asking yourselves who in the heck John McCutcheon is, so let me just tell you he is amazing.  I understand I might lose some of you here, but this man plays the most awesome banjo.  He also plays the auto-harp, piano, guitar, juice harp, hammer dulcimer, Tibetan singing bowl, the list goes on.  He's a folk musician.  I have like 10 of his cd's.   He has been around long enough that his website is literally  Seriously, you should click it.  He plays every year in Winfield Kansas at the Walnut Valley Music Festival, which I am dying to go to.  Anyway, back to last night.
The Jazz Lab had a very interesting set-up and we enjoyed it quite a bit.  See, they have this cooperative thing going on with Hideaway and you can actually go to the bar inside the club and order pizza.  How cool is that?!?  You just take your number back to your table or seating area and they bring it to you.  Yum yum.  I would definitely go back there.

So, do you like folk music?  If so, you really need to check John McCutcheon out.  Also, let me know who your favorite folk musician is and their best album, I am always looking for new music and its hard since I don't really listen to any really "new" music.  

btw, today is the very last day of tax season.  Hallelujah!


Amanda K said...

You're almost done, you're almost done! I also have a friend here who is a tax attorney, and I always think of the two of you during tax seasons. (Her fall gets really busy, too.) Hope you have a celebration planned!

Holly said...

Congrats on being done with tax season! Did you have a drink already? I actually do like the banjo, it's a pretty cool instrument. I'll check him out!