Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bark in the Park

Last saturday was crazy busy.  I went to the Jenks herb festival early in the morning, then to my friend's son's 2nd birthday party and then in the evening the whole family went out to Bark in the Park.  And I do mean the whole family (ok, those of us in town).  Bark in the Park is sponsored by the humane society and they have dogs there for adoption and you can bring your own dog to watch the baseball game.  Riley was adopted from Bark in the Park in 2008 and has been in attendance every year since. 
There were a lot of people and a lot of dogs this year.  Luckily it was cooler that last year and this time Ben got to come too!  Managing both dogs by myself can be hard in a crowd since sometime Ripley just stops because he either gets freaked or doesn't want to go up or down stairs or sometimes he just stops and rolls over because he thinks belly rubs in the middle of the walkway are perfectly acceptable.  Riley on the other hand is always straining to get somewhere.  You can see he has on a much more substantial harness that Ripley does and that is because he will pull and pull against it all day long.  Ripley doesn't even pull the leach taut half the time.
 Mom and dad sat up behind the section with the big newfies this year, so I didn't get any pictures of them.  At this new stadium the newfs don't fit very well near the seats and the crabby old people who have the seats behind us have very, very bad attitudes.  They are rude and very white trashy.
 Both dogs spent time wandering back and forth between my lap and Ben lap.  Trying to eat was fun, but we managed it.  (yummy philly cheese steaks)  Riley also spent a lot of time trying to inch forward and sniff the lady in front of us.  I think he wanted to smell her hair.  He actually managed one time while we weren't paying enough attention, but luckily she didn't seem to mind too much and actually turned around to pet him.
 I'm proud of how well Ripley did.  The longer he lives with us the less scaredy he gets.  He's a good, sweet little boy and he let a number of little kids pet him this time.  It was really sweet.
 Riley seemed to settle down more when we gave him a blanket to curl up in.  Maybe next time I will take his binky so he can lay down with that and feel more secure.  I don't know sometimes if he vibrates with excitement and interest or nerves.  He is not one of those chihuahua mixes that shakes all the time, so when he does I am always trying to soothe him.
Ripley found a nice warm spot in Ben's jacket where he was content to curl up for a while.  If anyone remembers last years post, it was so hot he laid out full length on the ground to sleep for a while then.  I do think that it was better having Bark in the Park earlier in the season.  It was at the end of may last year and just too dang hot.  We'll see what they come up with for our furry friends next year.

Riley and Ripley did come home with a full bag of goodies like toys and gourmet dog biscuits and other yummy happy treats.  Oh and tooth brushes.  Yep, doggy tooth brushes.  I always love looking in the goodie bags to see what fun things they have.  One year we got a collapsable water bowl and a travel food bowl and usually we get the little things of baggies for poopy scooping (not glamorous, but necessary) and we've gotten food measuring scoops and little collars and all other manner of cute things.

If there is a Saturday Snapshot party, I will come back and link this up.  Have a great Saturday!


Briana Shepley said...

I was SO sad to have missed this! We enjoyed it so much last year. Glad you guys got to go and had a great time :)

Renee said...

Awww! Cute pups!! If only they had a meow in the park :) Might now go over so well though, teehee!