Friday, April 29, 2011

Where has the week gone?

Geez, what happened to this week?  I remember Wednesday morning thinking the week was going soooo slowly, but now suddenly it is Friday afternoon and I wonder how that happened.  What did I do this week?  I'm honestly having to actually think about that.  I was over at Truly Lovely getting ready to hop into the Fancy This Friday linky party when I had to sit back and really think about what I had made this week.  I decided that my week of meals from leftovers qualified, so if you want to see what everyone else did, pop over there and take a look around.

Fancy This

I did start another cute cotton baby bonnet that I will share with you as soon as its done.  Its a take off of the whole color block thing that seems to be really popular right now.  And its bright and fun.  Why should babies be limited to pastels?  I would like to get a few more things done before next weekend's show at Ida Red, but the time seems to be getting away from me.

I have high hopes for that show.  I have high hopes for every show, but let me just say, real quick, that I have been a bit disappointed in the response to the cotton turban style headbands.  I love them, I loved making them, the colors are totally the in colors (well, except for maybe Honeysuckle, cause I didn't run out and pick any up, not being a pink person) , I see things in the turban silhouette everywhere, so I am not exactly sure why the response has been underwhelming.  I do plan to add more of them to my etsy after the Ida Red show.  Perhaps they just haven't "found their audience" yet.  ::shrug::  (I do have to say that being a knitter and a seller of knitwear is soooo much easier in the winter.  And its not that there aren't things to knit in the summer, its just that a lot of times it seems like the general public doesn't even look at it because they think of knitwear as a cold weather thing)

So, goals for this weekend:
Clean the house
Finish planting the garden
Not forget to wrap the bachelorette party present.
Finish at least one baby bonnet and hopefully knit a thing or two more for the show. 
Make sure that my husband and my puppies know that I think they are awesome.

What are your goals for the weekend? 


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Thanks for the shoutout doll!!! And for linking up every week!!! :) Have a lovely weekend!

Amanda K said...

Oh goodness. My weekend goals are always a mile long. This weekend the main goal is to get a bookcase from Crate and Barrel and get it all set up. My books have outgrown their shelves and are starting to live in piles around the house.