Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alpaca Beanies & More Snow

It has been so cold here.  Cold and snowy.  So you can see why I still have winter accessories on the brain.  I had some alpaca remaining from some of the cowls I have made this season so I decided to make a couple cozy alpaca beanies.
 To me the winter white and icy blue combination is both feminine and classy.  
And the fact that its alpaca means it super soft.
 I really love knitting with alpaca.  It's got that nice fuzzy halo and just glides through my fingers as I'm knitting.  I would really love to meet an alpaca sometime.  (so if you own an alpaca farm, perhaps you could invite me over).  
 I have a huge skein of some natural, local alpaca that I bought 2 fairs ago (so that would be fall of 2009) that I still haven't used because its so beautiful, I can't decide exactly what to do with it.  I think ultimately t will become a shawl for me.  Its a twist of two different natural colors, a silvery blue color and a dark blackish brown.  So pretty!  So if I ever get something started with it I will definitely post some pictures.
 But I digress.  You can find this hat listed in my etsy shop here.

Last night we were worried about there being ridiculous amounts of more snow, so we actually took the puppies to a friend's house and stayed downtown.  I have to say, the new Courtyard by Marriot downtown is really nice.  It was nice to get to sleep in a little bit and not have to worry about driving on the new snow.  We also got to have breakfast at the Atlas Grill.  That was a real treat.  I should have taken a picture of my cute little french toast squares and delicious eggs and bacon.  Yum.  I love going to the Altas Grill for lunch when I work downtown, but I had never gotten to have breakfast there before.  If you live in Tulsa, or happen to be passing through sometime, the Atlas Life building is a beautiful historical building (and can be seen in the background of some of our engagement photos from fall of 2009) and the Atlas Grill is on the first floor.  I love the Spicy Black Bean burgers for lunch!  

Ok, enough about food.  On to the only knitting  got to do yesterday or today:

 This alpaca beanie has charcoal grey, creamy white, and a chocolaty brown.  
I undid various parts of it, but now I am extremely happy with the design.  I think its fun and I think the combo of the three colors means that this hat can go with pretty much anything.  :-)
 What do you think?
 Are you a black and brown should be separate type person or do you mix and match?
 Either way, this beanie is now listed in my etsy shop here.

The snow hasn't melted yet, so you can still get 10% off with code BLIZZ211
We do expect most of it to melt off over the weekend though (yay!) so if you are planning to order to so soon!

Ok, now I am feeling really sales-y.  Ug.  I need to get back into taking pictures of the process instead of just the finished progress.  I also plan to review all those books I got for Christmas at some point.  So many good books.  

And here is a gratuitous puppy picture.  Look at that sleepy baby.  Although our night at the hotel was nice, we really missed the puppies and we are glad to be home with them.  They are worn out from visiting their puppy friends and they are sleeping it off on the sofa.  


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shelley said...

love the beanie and black and brown together. Pink and red are awesome together, too, but I know that is not your colorway!
Rob thought I was shopping online since he saw I have to put in a word verification. LOL I shop while he's at work...