Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There Are Never Enough Hours

Last night was a very busy evening for being such a quiet one.  My mind races all day long with all of the things I want to accomplish in the evenings.  I make lists so that I remember all the things I want to get done, but then there are never enough hours before bed.  I'm not one to sacrifice my sleep very often, so I am fairly rigid about putting everything down and hitting the sack, which in the long run is probably better for me that trying to stay up and do it all, but sometimes it gets to me that I can't get it all done.

This week I am blogging over at make:Tulsa.  It's not my usual style, so I have stressed over it just a wee bit, but now that I have gotten going I think its going fairly well.  I hope to get a couple more quality posts up before my week is over.  So far I have done a list of knitting links and a post of sunny springtime inspiration.

I got my latest scrunchie posted to my etsy shop last night.  I never know what to say in the descriptions. I worry that I am being really dry and boring or forgetting to relay some piece of information that someone might want to know.
Action shot!

 I finished up a sailboat washcloth last night in a super soft blue cotton blend.  Now I have a delima, I would love to do lots of pretty spa sets with neat stitch patterns and pretty pictures, but if I spend the better part of two evenings knitting a washcloth, I can never price it such that it is profitable.  After all, how much are people really willing to pay for a washcloth?  So I may have to stick with simpler spa sets right now until I am not under the gun to get my inventory up.
My one sweet pause amidst all the business last night was for a really good cup of hot chocolate.  I read Lovely By M's post yesterday about Hot Chocolate on a Stick and it inspired me to make a really quality cup of cocoa.  I opted for Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, non-fat milk, marshmellows, light whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  Yum!

Speaking of Lovely By M, she is having a giveaway this week for Spring in a Can!  It looks so very, very cute.  I could totally use some Spring in a Can.  So drop by over there and check it out.  

Today I get to meet a good friend for lunch!  That will be a nice break in the middle of my work day.  And here's hoping there are enough hours tonight to get a few things done.  :-)

Snail mail offer still stands.  E-mail me at somerknits (at) aim dot com with your address!

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Amanda K said...

Cute washcloth! I need to make myself some new ones. And I LOVE hot chocolate. When I went to Seattle a few months ago, I visited the Theo factory. Their sipping chocolate has spoiled me for all other hot chocolate. It's totally the best I've ever had. I've run out and have been trying to recreate it by just using high quality dark chocolate, melted into steaming milk.