Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Saturday

A few random things from yesterday:

I tried the spinach shake that Holly posted on her blog, Holly Knitlightly.
 It was delicious!  You can see her post about it here.  The people I told that I was going to try this (mom & Ben) were very skeptical but it really did just taste like creamy banana.  Now I wish I had another banana so I could make another shake.

Being still hungry, I made a grill cheese to go with my spinach shake.  Not just any grill cheese though, this was an odd combo of sharp cheddar, pepperjack and gouda.  Yum.

Oh, and then I might have had a birthday party in the evening.  ;-)
Look at this fantastic cake my hubby ordered.  :-)  It was made by Yummy Cakes and it was delicious!!  The top tier was lemon with raspberry filling and the bottom was strawberry cake with apricot filling.  (The top tier was definitely my favorite so I kept trying to divert attention away from it by offering people pieces from the bottom tier.  

My party was great because my friends are awesome and my mother makes the best food in the world.  (You can ask my friends, the majority of them will attest to that as long as their own mothers aren't within earshot)

In between all of that food and partying, I have been working on the softest little carseat blanket.  It will be just large enough to tuck around a newborn in a car seat or around and older babies legs and tummy when they are in the car seat.  It is also a super soft and wonderful organic cotton, so it has been lovely to work with.  So soft in my hands.  

Pictures of that soon and of the 1 year birthday party I went to today for the cute little girl who shares my birthday.

(p.s. - I am really happy that we just steam cleaned the bedroom carpet.  Ridiculously excited about that)


alasicannotswim said...

Sounds like fun! That shake looks yummy! :)

Amanda K said...

What a gorgeous cake! Happy early birthday to you!

Kristin said...

I seriously want to make that smoothie. YUM!